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Perfect ben with seeds

Falk for QSR

The only solution 100% designed for buns

Thermal profiling is the only tool for determining baking phases and collecting data for food safety assessment.


Falk for QSR is the only solution specifically engineered for hamburger buns, both in hardware and software.

Automatic Core Detection

Core temperatures at its best.

Selecting the right type of probes is crucial. The patented BakeSpike features six ultra-reactive probes: five inserted into the dough and one measuring ambient air temperature.

Accurately hitting the core temperature is challenging, especially as the dough expands during oven-spring. That's why BakeSpike uses five probes in the dough.

The software then selects the probe that best represents the core temperature.

Each probe operates independently, ensuring more accurate readings compared to probes with multiple reading points in a single needle.

Probe position in bun
Thumbs up in oven glove

Easy operations

Less effort, more data.

Simplicity drives efficiency, and that's why the Falk for QSR solution is designed with the user in mind. Our device, with a shape that mimics a bun, fits conveniently onto baking pans, requiring the removal of only two dough pieces. Inserting the probes is straightforward, achieved in a single gesture.

The solution comes in a handy, waterproof carrying case that includes a feature for checking probe straightness, ensuring precise and reliable measurements. Additionally, the case provides ample battery power for a full day of successive runs, eliminating the need to go back to your desk between runs.

The easier a solution is to use, the more it will be used, and the more data it will generate. Experience the convenience and reliability of Falk for QSR, designed to maximize your data collection with minimal effort.

Operator Safety

Safer in several ways

The complete Falk for QSR solution weighs only 700g, making it 35% lighter than comparable solutions. This reduced weight means less heat inertia, allowing the device to cool down much faster, minimizing burn risks, and enabling quicker successive runs.

The electronic components are powered by a super capacitor, eliminating the hazards associated with Li-Ion or Li-Po batteries, which can create dangerous situations under heat. This ensures safety even if the device remains inside a stopped oven.


Sign for safety first


You can purchase the Falk Thermal profiling solutions outright as a one-time capital expenditure (Capex).


Alternatively, you can lease them as an operating expense (Opex), and after 36 months of continuous rental, the equipment becomes your property.

screenshot of a web application showing the temperature curves from bread during bake.

"First we gather reliable, high-quality data. 

Then Falk Cloud Analytics app transforms it into actionable insights, elevating your decision-making process."

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