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Let's Work Together In One of the Following Ways

Explore our tailored FALK solutions designed to meet your unique baking needs—whether for a day, months, or years.


Consultancy Work

When you have a specific need

Leave everything to us, except your curiosity.

I will come to your bakery as a consultant, with the required FALK solution. Together, we will conduct baking runs targeted towards your specific needs.

A preliminary data analysis will be performed on site, with a detailed PDF report to follow in the next 2 days.

Schedule your FALK session today. Reach out to discuss your project, your product, your process.


Hybrid Solution

Great Way to Test FALK

With this setup we'll start together. But you'll keep a FALK solution in house for 3 months.


I'll get you started, quickly showing you how effortlessly you can operate the FALK unit on your own over the next 3 months, giving you sufficient time to collect tons of reliable data.

When you choose to share your data with me, I will analyse the data with you and your team


Is this the best of both worlds?

Your team will gain valuable knowledge.


Contact me today to discover how simple and effective this solution can be.


You are in Control

Over Several Years

As a heavy user, your organization depends on reliable data across multiple departments. Whether it's R&D working on new product development, QA conducting quality and food safety assessments, or the Continuous Improvement team focusing on energy optimization, they all need dependable data.


To continuously collect this essential data and facilitate teamwork, a FALK device is indispensable. You have the option to acquire a FALK device either through purchase or via a three-year lease.


Get in contact to discuss the details and find the best solution for your needs.

  • Access data even after the mission.

  • No training needed

  • Written PDF report

  • Access data after mission

  • Gain knowledge of your oven

  • Perfect for medium-term studies

  • Acquisition or lease.

  • Monitor seasonal changes

  • Integrate with existing tools

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