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Falk Cloud Analytics

Where your data is converted into charts and metrics

Falk Cloud Analytics is the innovative software that sets our solution apart, complementing our reliable data collection with unparalleled analytical capabilities.


Designed for multisite and multiuser operations, this SaaS platform transforms raw data into actionable insights, empowering you to optimize your baking processes across all locations effortlessly.

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Optimized User Interface

High-Quality Interactive Charts from within any browser

Falk Cloud Analytics' core feature is its robust charting capability, allowing you to display one or multiple charts effortlessly. Built on the powerful Plotly.js module, a preferred tool among developers and data scientists, our solution delivers sophisticated, interactive visualizations.


With features like zooming in, zooming out, and panning, your charts are highly dynamic. If you ever get lost, a simple double-click will return you to the default view.

It all happens inside your internet browser.

No-Stress Hands-Free Operations

Three clicks to essential product information

When selecting a run, it will automatically appear. No distraction. Only essential data. Oven indeed and discharge are automatically detected. 

Charts will be shown with the most important S-curve, the temperature reading from the heart of your product, together with the curve of the ambient temperature.

It's all done without the need of adjusting settings or fine-tuning parameters.

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Product-centric Metrics

Get all the data at a glance

Charts are excellent for visually identifying both differences and common traits. The Falk Cloud Analytics platform goes further by instantly calculating all the essential metrics you need for decision-making.


Select one or more runs to obtain reliable, comparable, and actionable metrics tailored specifically to your product category.


Even better, when multiple runs are selected, a line "Difference" is added to the bottom of the table, highlighting the differences between the minimum and maximum values in each column.

Compare feature

Benchmarking of up to 9 runs

The core feature of the Falk Cloud Analytics application is its ability to compare multiple runs. Food scientists and experienced bakers may not always be available, but by comparing your data with previous runs, you can instantly see the effects of ingredient substitutions, new pan sets, or crop changes on baking curves.


Charts overlay for easy comparison, and the metric table expands accordingly. By relying on the compare function, operators will also build up internal knowledge, learning from each comparison. You can display up to 9 runs simultaneously.

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Team work feature

Start working collaboratively

The more, the merrier.


Another industry-first feature is the capability of working as a team. Users with the appropriate rights can view your runs, make comments, and provide useful inputs through the browser, even from 10,000 miles away.


With full access to charts, metrics, and product photos, all the tools are in place to foster teamwork. This requires an initial setup of privileges and data accessibility rights.

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